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In article <Pine.GSO.3.96.971002113933.5835F-100000 at dante>, michelle
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>Alan, I've just joined this newsgroup because I am very interested in
>gardening.  I'm not very experienced at it but interested.  I was
>wondering if you could tell me just what is acceptable in newsgroups and
>what is not.  I'm sure it is a matter of opinion but I was just curious
>what exactly you were referring to.  I'de also like to know if this group
>ever has gardening discussions?  I've been checking for messages for about
>2 weeks and when I finally found them, it didn't have much to do with
>gardening.  Thanks...  Oh, by the way, (Where are my manners :) my name
>is Michelle Sterling and I'm from Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I'm just
>starting to experiment with these newsgroups so any advice would be great.
Posted and mailed

Welcome Michelle and others new to uk.rec.gardening,

This post was cross posted to several groups and I am not sure which
group you were addressing. I have set fu's to uk.rec.gardening because
that is where I live (mainly) and the other groups won't want to see the
rest of this thread.

Each newsgroup that is not in the alt* heirarchy was created based on a
charter. This is the charter for uk.rec.gardening:

===Charter starts
"uk.rec.gardening      To discuss gardening topics of interest in the UK
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Charter:
  To discuss gardening questions and share tips on- Weeds,
  flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and veg., lawns, beneficial
  insects and animals, pests and diseases, soils, composting,
  design, location, situation, seasons/times, hard structures
  (paths, greenhouses, cloches, rockeries), tools and materials.

  There is to be no advertising on this newsgroup.

  There will be no moderator for this newsgroup."

=====End of charter

It is bad netiquette to post off charter as the people who take the
newsgroup do so because it is their area of interest. The charter can't
tell you everything though and it is a good idea to lurk (read without
posting) for a while to get the tone of the group before you jump in.

In addition, this is my personal guide uk.rec.gardening

Welcome to uk.rec.gardening.

Thank you for lurking before posting. You might find the charter for
this group unclear in how it describes the topics that are welcome here.
This posting is made periodically to try to give newcomers some

This is a regional group and we concentrate on UK related topics. We
welcome folk from other countries, if they wish to discuss topics that
are relevant to the UK.

There is another widely propagated gardening newsgroup called
rec.gardens and if you think your posting may not be on topic here you
could consider posting to that group. There follows some pointers that
may help you to judge whether you could expect a beter answer in a
different forum. 

It is difficult to map any part of our climate on to zones in the US, so
if your question is zone or climate related the folk in rec.gardens are
more likely to help.

Questions about fauna not native to the UK are not welcome. We are lucky
that we don't have to deal with racoons, chipmunks, elephants or
penguins, among others.

This one is more difficult. Most of the things we grow are introductions
from all over the world. Almost all questions about plants can be on
topic except where they are not included in the previous categories.
Local names vary, where possible use latin binomials.

Suppliers and Brand Names
As a regional group we have no collective knowledge of suppliers outside
the UK. If  Similarly the availability of products is ususally a local

And finally...
If you have a question try to give enough information to help us track
down an answer. 
I have a few 'beginners guides' to the Usenet and how it works. Let me
know if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them. 
David Sinfield (Surrey, UK)
Not clever enough to make up a sig
and too proud to steal one.

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