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Fri Oct 3 10:34:58 EST 1997

Alan J Holmes wrote:
> In article <34341AA9.79A7 at livingston.net>,
> Don Staples  <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote:
> >#gondwana wrote:
>  Having
 >traveled a bit, I recognize attitudes applied to the "other ones",
> >particularly from some of your British brothers.  Juan Carlos was not a
> >flamer, spammer, just a guy wanting some help.  My response was to the
> >one or two that replied with the "wog" attitude, I found that offensive,
> >and reacted.
> I'm getting thoroughly sick of this subject, but I would like to
> see some evidence that anyone here has implied a 'wog' attitude.
> The only time some of us get upset, other than for binaries
> posted in what is, most definitely, a non binaries group, is when
> some idiot fails to read the name of the newsgroup and starts
> asking about how he can keep racoons out of his corn.
> BTW your name, Ego, certainly seems to suit your personality!
> Alan

Ah, there's one now.  Bloody good show, old sod.
Don Staples

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