Aspartame Research

Gene Newcomb newcombg at
Fri Oct 3 09:11:03 EST 1997

I doubt that you will find any reports comparing the effect of these 
compounds on plants.  It seems to me that you are trying to set up a 
comparison between non-comparable compounds.  Glucose is a natural 
product of plant metabolism and a carbohydrate while aspartame is a 
synthetic sweetener and a short chain of amino acids, the basic units of 
proteins.  The fact that both taste sweet is of no significance to 
plants.  I hope you will think long and hard about the value of this 
proposed experiment.

Gene, a retired botanist

In article <971002200333_-1563920625 at>, KDWDC at 
>I am a ninth-grade student preparing an experiment on the effects of
>aspartame on plant life compared to the effect of glucose.  Does anyone 
>any suggestions on a good plant form to use for the comparative study or 
>information or sources of information on the comparative effects of 
>versus glucoe that would help me avoid an unproductive exepriment.  
>you,  Kate (KDWDC at

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