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Gab gab_n99 at tarrcity.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 3 04:00:17 EST 1997

In article <611afo$4eke at pegasus.unm.edu>, kristen marie davenport
<kristend at unm.edu> writes
>Most people are quite new to this whole Usenet thing (surely you were new
>to this only a few years ago) and some people don't know the rules. 

Then they're more likely to discover what the rules are if breaches in
netiquette are publically noted in the newsgroup rather than by email to
the miscreant. I'm learning the rules of the Net by reading newsgroups
and learning from other people's mistakes *aswell* as my own.

>than attacking them viciously, it would be much more productive to
>politely let them know they did something annoying. Why spread anger?
>Life is full of hassles. Save your anger for the big ones.

You obviously don't know Alan.
While rudeness is often petty and unnecessary, should *everyone* be
wrapped up in cotton wool? What's wrong with a bit of emotion? For one,
it shows me just how irritating some breaches are compared to others.
If replying to the news group or list, please do not send me a copy by e-mail.
Thank you.

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