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Fri Oct 3 08:11:50 EST 1997

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Don Staples  <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote:
>#gondwana wrote:

>> Accusations of colonialism are a dangerous, double-edged sword. It would
>> not be difficult to direct such an accusation at citizens of the US of
>> A. Ironically, it would seem you invite such action, when in the same
>> breath you complain both about British colonialism and about others
>> using "our" net. If you read this thread you will see I am not friend of
>> anyone who would jump on Juan Carlos, but acquiring an understanding of
>> the problem of Net misuse, and solving it, is something that transcends
>> nationalities, and deserves thoughtful, constructive actions, not the
>> simplistic, tit-for-tat, jingoistic rhetoric that everyone (save one
>> other person) seems to have applied to the problem.
>I agree whole heartedly.  but I detected a bit of "stay off our group"
>from one of your countrymen.  Yet, all these were posted across several
>news groups that as you point out  transcends nationalities.   Having
>traveled a bit, I recognize attitudes applied to the "other ones",
>particularly from some of your British brothers.  Juan Carlos was not a
>flamer, spammer, just a guy wanting some help.  My response was to the
>one or two that replied with the "wog" attitude, I found that offensive,
>and reacted.

I'm getting thoroughly sick of this subject, but I would like to
see some evidence that anyone here has implied a 'wog' attitude.

The only time some of us get upset, other than for binaries
posted in what is, most definitely, a non binaries group, is when
some idiot fails to read the name of the newsgroup and starts
asking about how he can keep racoons out of his corn.

BTW your name, Ego, certainly seems to suit your personality!


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