Permanent Labeling System

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: Hello-

: I am new to the newsgroup. I am working on a labeling project in a
: greenhouse and we are looking for labels that won't break or wash off. If
: anyone knows where I could find things like that I would appreciate the
: help. 

: Beverly R. Knierim
: knieribr at

This may be of little help but here goes anyway. I use strips of HDPE
plastic and write on them with a black SHARPIE brand marker. Many of these
are legible from the late '80s. My favorite source of this plastic is
green CASCADE brand dishwasher detergent bottles. Sunlight is the only
thing that fades the lettering so orientation of the lable can make it
last much longer. If you are putting them in pots you can push them
most of the way under the soil and pull them up to read them. This
keeps them out of the sunlight. Don't use red markers as red pigments
fade in a few months in sunlight. Also the markers can be re used. A
few drops of acetone on a paper towel will wipe the lettering off.

I don't know if this is permanent enough for you but it has worked
well for me.


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