dogwood blight in GA

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Thu Oct 2 11:33:18 EST 1997

Kenny Dunivan (KDunivan at wrote:
: Tennessee is having a similiar probelm with
: the dogwood.  I thought it was a blue mold.
: It looks like a mold and the leaves on most
: Dogwoods I see are curled under.  None in 
: this area are doing too well, I am the north
: eastern part of Tennessee.  I was told by
: a couple of people that it could possbly be
: a blue mold from Virginia that was carried
: on a wind that does not normally come this
: way. I do not know this for fact and am quite
: unaware of the real probelm.  Just thought I
: would add that we, in Tennessee, are having
: similiar probelms. 

The "dogwood blight" is a fungus Discula sp. Search on "dogwood
anthracnose" for more information. It is agrevated by cool wet
springs. It can eventually kill the tree but I think it more apt to
just make them ugly. I am outside of Knoxville TN and infection here
was on most trees this year. Trees can be sprayed with funguside but
this is probably not practical.

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