Chemical Bio-Prospecting of Rainforest Plants

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Sat Oct 4 16:29:24 EST 1997

Dear Reader: I am a student interested in learning about the research of
medicinal plants in the rainforest.  I am making a very broad, topical
inquiry on the subject and am curious about scientific, social,
political and economic aspects of the subject. A few questions that come
to mind are:

1.   What plants are the most valued by the indigenous peoples (of the
Amazon, for example) and why?

2.   What plants are the most sought after by pharmaceutical companies
and why?

3.   What are the names of the most prominent independent organizations,
individuals and pharmaceutical companies who are doing research on the
medicinal value of rainforest plants?

4.   What have we already lost in terms of scientific study because of
the deforestation of rainforests?

5.  Are there any international bodies that regulate chemical
bio-prospecting? What organizations (NGOs or governmental) are
responsible for monitoring bio-piracy?

6.  What are some recent scientific breakthroughs which have been made
from the study of these plants?

7.  What drugs/medicines that are currently available to consumers
derive their origin to research of rainforest plants?

If you would like to respond to these questions or share other
information which you feel relates to my query, I would appreciate your
emailing me by October 10, 1997. My address is CLLstudent97 at

Thank you for assisting me.

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