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aDreamer xhj63 at dial.pipex.com
Sat Oct 4 07:23:34 EST 1997

Alan J Holmes <Alan.Holmes at brunel.ac.uk> wrote in article
<6104q1$ek6 at loki.brunel.ac.uk>...
a lot of stuff in his usual inimitable style.

I do find it ironic that:

several of the more vociferous flamers of bandwidth hungry off topic and
binary posts were, are, engaged in the current, way off topic, Alan J
Holmes fanclub thread. 

The flamimg thread almost always takes up more space than the original

Juan Carlos was flamed for being inconsiderate in asking for replies by
eMail, by several people who didn't bother to consider he might have a
valid reason for not visiting the newsgroup.

anybody could flame David Deutsch for his eloquent and polite post.

I have given up pleading for courtesy here for three reasons:

1. nobody takes any notice

2. there are always several others ready to do it - ie those that haven't
realized nobody takes any notice

3. I find it quite entertaining and if you stay long enough you will
realise that A J Holmes is mostly harmless. I am not defending Alan, god
forbid. I just think that this is one old fuddy duddy with no cyber teeth.
It's just bits and bytes.

I am fortunate enough to have free internet access but I do sympathise with
those that have to pay. Can I politely suggest that you try and work out if
your newsreader software can be configured to set a limit on the size of
messages that are downloaded. Alternatively you should be able to download
headers only and then just mark for downloading the ones that you are
interested in. If your software isn't able to do either of these there are
several share/freeware programs available for download. If you need any
help I don't think I would recommend asking here! 

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