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> I am interested in knowing more information about Palownia trees, main
> uses of their bark and wood, and the approximate value to these trees.
> I have some that I need to sell, and am looking for anyone who has any
> info about them.  I have approx. 40 or so of them on my property.
> please respond via email thank you.
> ortho at

In China, these are know as 'Empress Trees'.  The tradition was that
a tree was planted at the birth of a daughter.  When she grew up and
was getting married, the tree was cut down to fashion a sort of 'hope
chest' for the young bride.  Mature trees in the landscape were a
signal to matchmakers that a potential 'client' was available.

I don't know the economic value of these trees, but perhaps this
sentimental value might yeild more to the right group of people.
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