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>I am interested in analyzing my maize data by using the AMMI analysis.
>I would appreciate if someone gives me the step by step to run the
>Is there any PC program for this purpose ?.
>Thank you very much,
>César Ruiz Gómez
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Try 'Multi-environment testing and genotype x environment interaction',
PN Fox, J Crossa and I Romagosa; in 'Statistical Methods for Plant
Variety Evaluation', Eds RA Kempton and PN Fox, 1997 Chapman and Hall.
ISBN 0 412 54750 3

This chapter also contains references which may be of use, and the whole
book is a good read anyway. It's still hardly a step by step guide

Since AMMI is a form of principal components analysis you will need
access to a computer programme to calculate the eigenvalues and vectors
of a matrices, or to a statistical package which will do the whole
analysis for you. I think GENSTAT has a procedure for this.

Good luck

Ian Mackay
Lion Seeds Ltd.

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