Genetically engineered food

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                       "Genetically Engineered Food"

Several changes and additions since new 6 weeks ago.

Now has over 40 news items covering the last 3 months.

The feature article about genetic engineering called 'The Unholy Alliance'
by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, from 'The Ecologist' July/Aug edition is now on the site.

Info about 'Global days of action' worldwide, from October 2 to October 16.

For variety there's a section with 10 environmental snippets each month eg:
"Overfishing - the mouth of one of the largest trawl nets measures 30,000 
square metres"

The subject of Genetically Engineered Food includes:
The technology, health risks, environmental risks, actions, news,
information, scientific findings, organisations campaigning against, books,
links, diary, the regulators, the USA and WTO, the biotech companies,
European Commission, the future of genetic food.

If you are undecided about Genetic Engineering, it points out the many
hazards involved, that the GE industry ignores in its PR.
If you are pro Genetic Engineering, please consider that independent
research indicates many serious risks to health which cannot be ignored
and the fact that genetic pollution is irreversible.
Leaving the science to one side, consider the immorality of disregarding
the citizens rights of 80% of Europeans(and others), who have made it clear
in poll after poll, that they do not want genetic food. Why should they be
force fed with it so the biotech industry can make $billions?


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