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FaganJohns wrote:
> On  Oct 5, 1997, ortho wrote:
> >I am interested in knowing more information about Palownia trees, main
> >uses of their bark and wood, and the approximate value to these trees.
> >I have some that I need to sell, and am looking for anyone who has any
> >info about them.  I have approx. 40 or so of them on my property.
> >please respond via email thank you.
> >
> >GMO
> >ortho at
> Well, I have never heard of anyone using the bark for anything, but I do know
>  that this is a prized tree for people that sell to Japanese buyers.  This is
>  only true if the trees are about 11+ inches in diameter (small sawtimber
>  size).  How much it is worth depends on your local market, and if there is a
>  timber buyer in your area that sells internationally (alot do).
> I suggest that you contact a number of local timber buying companies (usually
>  in the phonebook).  They will come out, assess what you have and make an
>  offer.  CAUTION HERE!!!!!!  In some markets these trees are worth thousands of
>  dollars apiece.  For this reason, I would suggest getting bids from as many
>  people as is possible.  It would be worth your trouble.

Goodadvice, but, in some areas there is no market.  You may have to
reach out to longer haul areas to get a decent price.  If in the US talk
to a state forester about the market.  If you are in one of the areas
with a market, talk to a consulting forester.
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