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Mon Oct 13 16:12:03 EST 1997

Gene Newcomb wrote:
> I doubt that you will find any reports comparing the effect of these
> compounds on plants.  It seems to me that you are trying to set up a
> comparison between non-comparable compounds.  Glucose is a natural
> product of plant metabolism and a carbohydrate while aspartame is a
> synthetic sweetener and a short chain of amino acids, the basic units of
> proteins.  The fact that both taste sweet is of no significance to
> plants.  I hope you will think long and hard about the value of this
> proposed experiment.
> Gene, a retired botanist


You are absolutely wrong! Aspartame and other synthetic sweeteners have
the same effects on plants as some carbohydrates have, at least 
concerning their impact on down regulating photosynthesis and their 
ability to induce pathogen defense.

Cheers Ricky 


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