What is the optimal wavelength of light for growing plants (cacti indoors in a northern illinois climate)?

Scott pspopeXSPM at shopchicago.com
Mon Oct 13 19:51:52 EST 1997

I am trying to accelerate the growth of my baby cacti by increasing their
light exposure with fluorescent lamps.  I am wondering what would the
optimal wavelength for promoting growth (i.e. photosynthesis).   My
question, in part, stems from interest in growth lamps. 

I have seen inexpensive (<$10) incandescent "plant lamps".  However,
fluorescent lamps produce 4x visible light than their incandescent
counterparts.  BTW, I don't want to use fluorescent plant lamps because I
do not want to use special fixtures.  Modern compact fluorescent lamps
work quite well.

Pivotal question: 

Which is better for growing cacti: incandescent plant lamps or compact
fluorescent lamps?


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