Interception and LAI for central europa

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Mon Oct 13 13:56:49 EST 1997

A lot of information on foliage and forestation is collected via
different forms of satellite imagery. You might try this angle to seed
a search and see where it takes you.

Steeve EBENER (ebeners at wrote:
: Hello,

: I am doing a pHD regarding water flow systems in a watershed. In order to 
: estimate the potential of the intercepted part of preciptation I found this 
: relation:

: 		I = 0.2 * LAI (Dickinson, 1984)

: So, I need to know the Leaf Area Index for the different kind of vegetation we 
: can find in central europa. 

: As I am regarding the variation of the diferent elements of the hydrological 
: cycle over one year (using a monthly basis) I need to have an idea of the 
: variation of the LAI too.

: Any comment on this relation or help for finding the LAI would be greatly 
: appreciated.

: Sincerely yours,

: Steeve Ebener
: Institut Forel
: 10, rte de suisse
: 1290 Versoix
: Switzerland

: E.mail: ebeners at

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