Lighting question

Steven Chmielnicki sc7b+ at
Tue Oct 14 15:38:44 EST 1997

Hello all,
  I am in the proces of growing an avocado from seed. He is about ready
for soil but I am more concerened with lighting. I live in Pittsburgh
and it's just starting to get cold here. I just moved him under my 30W
flourescent which seems to be about 34" to 36" (is this standard?). I
realize this is probably inadequate in both power and spectrum. 
  So.. I was wondering if you could suggest either a replacement bulb or
a good light housing that will last me well into my growing years. I'm
in college so price (and size) is a consideration but I want only the
best for my little guy. Also, any suggestions where I can get good stuff
on the net would be apreciated. Thanks for your time.


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