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>>Parasitic plants tap into the sap of photosynthetic plants. I suppose 
>>mushrooms could be changed to do the same. Or parasitic plants are
>grown and 
>>harvested, and mushrooms feed off decaying parasitic plants.
>>The point is to get food plants which do not depend on photosynthesis.
>>David Erskine
>I wonder, what's the practicality of plant food that requires no
>sunlight to grow? Even in polar regions the energy from the sun can be
>used to grow plants within temperature ranges that are available now!
>Mike Roginsky

In my original post, I suggested that parasitic plants might be a food source 
for space exploration in parts of the solar system far from the sun.

One of the respondents inadvertently changed the name of the thread.

Parasitic food plants, if ever developed, would still be useful on Earth, in 
polar regions in winter.

David Erskine

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