Japanese water lilly????

GStigall gstigall at aol.com
Wed Oct 15 10:10:37 EST 1997

I'm trying to get info without knowing the correct common name, let alone the
 scientific name. But just in case someone can help me anyway...here's the

My cousin in the midwest is dealing with a shared private pond in which a
 neighbor planted what they're calling "Japanese water lilly". It is not
 possible for my cousin to find out from the neighbor what the scientific name
 of the plant is. The plant is a bulb or tuber and highly invasive. In just a
 few years, the plant has almost filled the pond. I'm trying to find out
 eradication info for this plant, as all the neighbors (including the one who
 planted it originally) want it removed. The neighbor who planted it spent
 several days last summer pulling it out, but apparently didn't get the
 tubers...as it quite vigorously revegetated. The pond drains to a farmer's
 field so eradication method must take that into account. Any ideas? 

Georgia Stigall
Native Habitats
Woodside CA U.S.A.
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