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> Paul Hartman <hartman at omnifest.uwm.edu> wrote:
> >        Recently I aquired a Mexican herbal and several of the entries had n
> >scientific name. If anyone knows these, please advise: 1. hueso de jibia, 2.
> >chapulines sin alas or saltamontes, 3. agrotano macho, 4. musgo, 5.
> >floripondio, 6. tepozan.
> I think floripondio usually refers to one of the Daturas (now Brugmansia)
> with pendent white flowers and a heavy scent.

Yes, floripondio is Datura arborea which is now placed in the genus  

Tepozan is Bubleia americana.  The leaves and roots are used.  Leaves are
cooked and applied to wounds, for which their antiseptic properties are 
beneficial.  The roots are hypnotic and sedative, and is recommended 
for insomnia, especially the kind that happens when one is overtired. 
The roots also have analgesic and diuretic properties.  

My little Mexican library has nothing on the others. 

Conrad Richter

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