Incandescent vs. Fluorescent vs. Natural Sunlight??

JRJTib jrjtib at
Thu Oct 16 16:25:35 EST 1997

Hi all. I am a 10th grade student, and I am taking a Science Research course.
 The course requires me to do an experiment, with no help from MY teacher, but
 help from other teachers is recommended.
I have picked a project, and the title (and problem too, I guess) is:

Is Incandescent Light, Fluorescent Light, or Natural Sunlight best for plants?

I found it at a website, of which I don't have the URL at this time, but I will
 find it. I am in the process of developing a procedure, and my teacher is
 giving me until January to have the project fully completed and a paper handed
 in, and, possibly, entered in a science fair.
Anybody with any suggestions PLEASE email me at SKYWALK369 at AOL.COM   . I need
 help with:

1. deciding what kind of plant to use
2. setting up a terrarium
3. finding information about the efficiency/wavelengths of incandescent and    
    fluorescent light bulbs

Also, I need to order the fluorescent and icandescent light bulbs. So, if
 anyone knows of a good biological supply company, let me know, and let me know
 how I can obtain a catalog (My teacher has only a few catalogs, one of which
 is Carolina).

Please email me if you have any info/suggestions at SKYWALK369 at

Thank you in advance.

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