Ph.D. position

Monika Frey frey at
Fri Oct 17 01:51:34 EST 1997

Ph.D. position available.
Topic: Characterisation of biosynthetic pathways of chemical defence
mechanisms in maize.
Cloning of genes, functional characterisation of the gene products,
investigation of the evolution of secondary biosynthetic pathways.
For more information see: Frey et al. 1997, Science 277, pp. 696-699

Candidates should have knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, plant
Salary: BAT2A/2, the position is available immediately.

Please contact: 
Prof. A. Gierl/ Dr. M. Frey
Lehrstuhl f. Genetik
TU Muenchen
Lichtenbergstrasse 4
D85747 Garching
Phone: +49-89-2891-3532
Fax: +49-89-2891-2892
e-mail: frey at

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