Cycas revoluta: how to nurse??

Judith den Ouden jdo.santorini at
Sat Oct 18 12:02:11 EST 1997

We have a beauty of a cycas revoluta palm tree in our home. Its diameter is
app. 1.7 meter (4 to 5 ft.). A few months ago a 'bulb' appeared in the
middle of the palm, which is the start of a new circle of leaves. Since
then, basically nothing happened and I'm getting worried that we are not
giving the plant the right treatment. Or does this always take so long? The
basic advise for watering this plant is 'modest'. But how much is that,
especially since this is a pretty big palm. Should we water the bulb from
the top? Any tips or advice is more than welcome!! We are living in the
Netherlands, which has a climate comparable to that of Seattle/Vancouver
(for North-Americans).

Judith and Willem

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