Cycas revoluta: how to nurse??

L. Scott Ranger ranger at
Sat Oct 18 18:18:04 EST 1997

Sounds like you have a female plant that is producing its cone! I
purchased a tiny C. revoluta (4inch pot) in 1968, and this summer, 19
years later, it is producing a huge female cone! Quite exciting and

Scott Ranger

Judith den Ouden wrote:
> We have a beauty of a cycas revoluta palm tree in our home. Its diameter is
> app. 1.7 meter (4 to 5 ft.). A few months ago a 'bulb' appeared in the
> middle of the palm, which is the start of a new circle of leaves. Since
> then, basically nothing happened and I'm getting worried that we are not
> giving the plant the right treatment. Or does this always take so long? The
> basic advise for watering this plant is 'modest'. But how much is that,
> especially since this is a pretty big palm. Should we water the bulb from
> the top? Any tips or advice is more than welcome!! We are living in the
> Netherlands, which has a climate comparable to that of Seattle/Vancouver
> (for North-Americans).
> Judith and Willem

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