pcr on plant genomic

oakeley oakeley at datacomm.ch
Mon Oct 20 15:18:59 EST 1997

The only problem is with too much carbohydrate as this can sometimes inhibit
Taq polymerase. The solution is to prepare the DNA using an extraction
procedure involving CTAB (which removes most of the CHO). After that it
ain't a problem - even with relatively crude extracts. I've done it enough
times even on callus material.

Email me if you need more details.


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Martin Goodson wrote in message <60oco5$kd$1 at infa.central.susx.ac.uk>...
>hello all,
>I've heard that PCR on plant genomic DNA has specific diffulties not
>encountered with the DNA of other organisms. Do you know anything about
>or other problems in the molecular biology of plants (Reverse transcription
>martin goodson

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