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At 12:50 PM -0400 10/18/97, m.lee wrote:
>Darin Burleigh (burleigh at hackberry.chem.niu.edu) wrote:

>@ Are you referring to osage oranges? aka hedge apples?
>@ aka ugly fruit?
>Ugly fruit, or uglifruit, is a citrus cross

Ah, yes, a perfect example of why we use scientific names
rather than common names.  I read once that there are over
100 different and unrelated species of plants called "black-
eyed susan". I imagine there is a high count of species...many
unrelated...with the common name "ugly fruit" or somesuch.

I'm enjoying this thread on Maclura pomifera; indeed a very
tough hedgerow plant.  Fresh posts are said to take root and
start growing.  Fruits make a wicked softball.


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