Name of plant - "Dogberry"

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Thu Oct 23 01:12:26 EST 1997

Jack wrote:
> >This is my first time using the newsgroups so hopefully someone recieves
> >this and replies back to me.
> First, "i" before "e", except after "c" or in words like neighbor and
> weigh.  Am I the only person who was forced to learn this as a kid?(;-D)
> >I am doing some rendering in a floral colouring book, one of the plants is
> >called a "dogberry", I've looked in the Reader's Digest Encyclopedia of
> >Garden Plants and Flowers - nothing, I searched a bit on the internet -
> >nothing.  I would like to know what colour the berry is and what shade of
> >green the leaves are.
> Second, and more importantly, do any of your sources mention to what family
> or genus "dogberry" belongs?
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The dogberry tree is ~~~~~ Cornus sanguinea

Alan Challoner

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