Native seeds from the tropics

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Doug Yanega wrote:
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> > Are you interested in unique plants?  Seeds from native trees and 


> Are you interested in being prosecuted by the USDA?? Maybe you could
> enlighten us all as to the permits you have obtained to allow you to make
> such shipments.
> Doug Yanega    (dyanega at

Dear Dr. Yanega,

I'm not sure what your basis for objection is, but many companies engage
in the international commerce of seeds with the US. Provided that they
procure the necessary phytosanitary (and if necesary, CITES) permits,
and provided the purchaser can secure the necessary permits, this
commerce is permissible.

I saw nothing in his post (other than the fact it was an advertisment)
to object to, in the sense that there was no indication in the post, per
se, that suggested that the activity was being done without permits.

Granted that non-permited trade (and any other contraband activity)
would be objectionable...but I didn't see anything in the post to
indicate this was the case here.

Did I miss something?


David Deutsch

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