Problems growing feverfew

AC alanchal at
Thu Oct 23 21:51:22 EST 1997

Timothy & Gabrielle Taylor wrote:
> This is my first posting to this newsgroup - I hope my topic is
> appropriate.
> For the second year in a row, I have brought my potted feverfew plant
> indoors for the winter (New Jersey) and it is once again dying.  It is
> still getting strong southern exposure.  Can anyone suggest what might
> be going wrong with it?
> Thank you in advance,
> Gabrielle
I am located in North Wales UK but also have lived in N England UK; in
both places feverfew grows outdoors all-year-round and self-seeds
without any problem. Sometimes to the extent of being a weed.It might be
classified as a perennial but is best grown as an annual.
BTW I assume we are writing about: Tanacetum parthenium?
Alan Challoner MA(Phil.) MChS
libran at

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