Cassia and henna

Geeta Bharathan geeta at
Fri Oct 24 10:05:27 EST 1997

Monique Reed (monique at wrote:
: My source (Mabberley) lists henna as being derived from Lawsonia 
: inermis--Lythraceae, and Cassia didymobotrya as a green manure in Asia. 

: >Does anyone here know 
: exactly what the Arabian dye called henna has to do with>the plant genus 
: Cassia, perhaps C.didymobotrya? I know that Lagerstroemia is a>source for this 
: dye, but a species of Cassia also comes in somewhere... 

How about Acacia catechu? In India catechu, may be ground with henna for
application on hands & feet; I'm not sure whether it goes into the mix
that is used to dye hair.


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