"Dogberry" and common names

Susan J. Meades sjmeades at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 26 12:47:34 EST 1997

It all goes to show the ambiguity of common names.  Two of my favorites

"Amelancier" - of which all species in Newfoundland are called
chuckley-pears: Bartram's chuckley-pear, smooth chuckley-pear, etc.  In
mainland Canada, there are called either serviceberries, Juneberries, or
shadbush. In Europe, some species of Sorbus are service-trees and A.
lamarckii is called June Berry in some books.  

"Vaccinium vitis-idaea" - Newfoundland's partridgeberry; in the
mainland, called foxberry, cowberry, mountain cranberry, or windberry;
in Scandinavia, it's lingonberry, among others.  Partridge-berry on the
mainland is "Mitchella repens", Newfoundland's twinberry.

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