Morphologic nomenclature

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Mon Oct 27 12:52:13 EST 1997

Robert S Wallace wrote:
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> Darren Abbey  <darren_a at> wrote:
> >       Last time I was in the Sonoran (or was that Chihuahuan?) desert area
> DEFINATELY the Sonoran Desert (BTW, saguaro cacti do not come from Texas as
> the belt buckle and vest decorations may suggest!!)

	I have seen a few in the far west of Texas, however those may have been
planted specimens.   It has been a while since I've been over that
way.   And really, I just couldn't remember for sure which was the
correct name of the area... I'm in college right now and haven't had the
luxury of time that I used to have to read up on all the subjects that
I'm interested in.   Seems I caught you by surprise, you didn't catch it
on the first reading... 8-)
	Artists' depictions of reality in my experience have often had little
to do with reality (No offense to any artists out there, of course) so
I'm not surprised by the translocation of species in tourist
paraphernalia which were made solely for profit, not for biological

- Darren Abbey

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