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Dear Colleagues,
please forgive this double postings: the previous version of this message 
was incorrect.

I am interested in generating an EU network on the basic and applied 
aspect of phytoremediation and phytodepuration. A tentative list of 
subjects may include
1. application of plants to air cleaning (indoor and outdoor)
2. phytoremediation and phytoextraction from contaminated soils (trace 
metals, radionuclides, PCB, PAH, other xenobiotics)
3. phytodepuration of waste waters
4. physiology and metabolism of plants for phytoremediation/phytodepuration
5. taxonomy and genetic resources
6. genetics and genetic engineering
The purpose of this network should be that of promoting the exchanges 
between labs involved in these sort of transdisciplinary researches. It 
may be also possible to apply to the EU for some preparatory meeting in 
order to organize the network within the incoming Framework V. I would 
greatly appreciate the help of anybody interested in those aspects of 
plant biology and environmental application to human health.
Please, diffuse this message.
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