MIGHTY MACS SOCCER cruyff at ix.netcom.com
Fri Oct 31 02:35:00 EST 1997

I am looking for information on the care of Boston Ferns.  I purchased
several in hanging baskets, and they are beginnining to look a bit
ragged.  I fed them with 20-20-20 plant food, and have their soil
moist, with no standing water.  They are hanging in a classroom where
they get very little direct sunlight, but some diffused sunlight, and a
solid 8 hours daily of flourescent light.  I do not have a green thumb,
so I am not sure if I have provided enough information.

I have a philodendron which is also looking rather pekid.  Similar
conditions to the fern, but in a pot.  I think the pot may be too
small, so I will probably repot it.  Any suggestions on either matter
would be appreciated.

If I have posted to the wrong group, forgive me.

cruyff at ix.netcom.com

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