Conservation Value of Golf Courses

David L. Robinson dlrobi02 at HOMER.LOUISVILLE.EDU
Mon Sep 1 14:10:26 EST 1997

Check out the Audobon Society. They have a program in which they will
certify that a golf-course is environmentally friendly based on low use of
ag chemicals, plantings to encourage wildlife, etc. There was an article
in one of this years Smithsonian magazines about it. There are about 20 or
so Audobon-certified golf courses in the country.

Dave Robinson,  Bellarmine College

On 29 Aug 1997, Ralph O. Erickson wrote:

> Gustav Hamren-Larsson wrote:
> > 
> > I am doing an investigation into the Conservation Value of old and new Golf
> > Courses, and I was wondering whether anybody knew of any studies that have
> > already been done into the wildlife/conservation value of Golf Co
> 	I know of no studies of golf courses from this point of view. But 
> IMHO, their conservation value is obviously NEGATIVE, usually entailing 
> large-scale elimination of natural habitats. Also golf courses make 
> continuing demands on resources such as water and plant nutrients.
> R. O. Erickson

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