Can you control unwanted insects without chemicals?

C.& N. Haley chancy at
Tue Sep 2 13:28:46 EST 1997

It is no seceret that wild birds keep populations of insects such as ants,
aphids, flies, termites, etc., in check and they do this without the use of
expensive and harzardous pesticides and chemicals.  The best way to attract
these natural pest eliminators is with quality hand-made Bird houses and
Bird feeders, constructed from new and recycled materials; all cedar;
non-rusting fasteners.  Removable bottom or back(houses) for easy cleaning.
Entrance dimesions for Finches, Thrush, Flickers, Chickadees, Wrens, Etc. 
A great gift for every avid gardener, birdwatcher or nature enthusiast.  

Will UPS anywhere. Starting at $12  READY FOR YOUR ORDER

For futher information; styles, sizes, prices, etc., contact:
chancy at
Box 1370
Point Roberts, WA

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