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At 11:53 PM -0400 8/29/97, Peter J Szablicki wrote:
>I have a lilac bush in my side yard.  The leaves on the bush are becoming
>covered in a white layer and drying out.  The leaves crumble in my
>fingers.  does anyone know what may be causing this, and anything that can
>be done to prevent this.  Is this just a natural occurance?
>				Peter Szablicki


I'm fairly sure you have a powdery mildew.
This is a fungus disease that thrives in
humid warm weather.  Lilacs get this every
summer in CT if they are at all in shade.

Only two kinds of lilac are spared...some
of the newer resistant types never develop
symptoms...and traditional lilacs placed in
clear all-day sun have the disease limited
to inside branches and northern sides.

On the other hand, most lilacs do just fine
even though they are many varieties
TOLERATE the fungus even though they look
"dusted" thoroughly.


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