Phragmites Australis

Chuck Dunn cddunn at
Tue Sep 2 19:30:59 EST 1997

Dominique Schaller wrote:
> faganjohns at (FaganJohns) wrote:
> >I suggest caution when planting Phragmites australis.  In the United
> >States, it has become a pest species, often completely dominating wet
> >sites.
> In Europe Phragmites australis is a native plant, no risk of invasion.
> I have germinated seeds this spring by surface sowing them in a pot
> without hole at the bottom. The medium was maintained canstantly wet.
> The germination took one week at 20 °C with light. Now the plants are
> 25 cm high. The seeds were from Chiltern Seeds. The medium was a
> "normal" medium.
> Good luck.
> Dominique Schaller
> Department of Biochemistry
> University of Geneva
> Geneva, SWITZERLANDP. australis aka P. communis is a cosmopolitan plant native everywhere it 
will grow.  I don't understand how a native plant can be considered pest.

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