Radish plants for B.B.C. Project.

Richard Brooks brooksy at sv.span.com
Wed Sep 3 10:15:12 EST 1997

Can anyone give some positive feedback on the problems regarding growing
a radish under grow lights in a studio, for a time lapse sequence?

They grow rather thin and I suspect that it might be, in part due to the
fact that there cannot be any movement, whereas the elements outside
seem to make plants grow healthily.

I've stated that only because one of the presenters on a gardening program
told a viewer to run their hand lightly over a set of plants to stop
them becoming 'stringy' and lank, to simulate the wind.

We have asked one of the large reputable seed merchants and after their
results, we still have the problem of very thin and not bulbous plants.

Many thanks for any reply,

Richard Brooks.

P.P. Neil Bromhall.

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