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> Can anyone help?  I am after the following book:
> Lawrence, G.H.M.  (1951).  Taxonomy of Vascular Plants.  MacMillan
> Please let me know if a copy is available - somewhere in the world!
> Cheers
> Simon Gleed
> sgleed at

I checked out and found the following:

Taxonomy of Vascular Plants
by George H. Lawrence

Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: September 1951
ISBN: 002368190X 

Availability: This title is out of print, but if you place an order we may
be able to find you a used copy within 2-6 months. 

We will notify you via e-mail and request your approval of the price and
condition. We will also notify you if we are unable to locate this title
within 6 months.

Each order is for one copy of this title and author only, rather than a specific
binding or edition. (Publisher information is provided to help you verify
the title.)

PLEASE NOTE: Each out of print item is shipped and billed separately.

Hope this helps!

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