Radish plants for B.B.C. Project.

Gaylord Mink minkgi at webtv.net
Wed Sep 3 21:44:32 EST 1997

Thin plants are more the result of too little light rather that too
little wind.  You indicated they are being grown in a studio but
neglected to give the light conditions. Either the light intensity is to
low -especially likely to happen if you are using type flourescent
tubes- or the type of light emmitted is not adequate- especially likely
if you use gro-lux ( slight red color) type tubes.  For best results
radishes should be grown under " cool white " or "daylight" tubes at
about 1000 foot candles (mearsure with a camera light meter at plant
height), 16 hr daylength, and 65-70 F, if possible. Should help. 

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