Radish plants for B.B.C. Project.

Carsten Richter h0367naa at rz.hu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 4 04:06:47 EST 1997

Richard Brooks wrote:
> Can anyone give some positive feedback on the problems regarding growing
> a radish under grow lights in a studio, for a time lapse sequence?
> They grow rather thin and I suspect that it might be, in part due to the
> fact that there cannot be any movement, whereas the elements outside
> seem to make plants grow healthily.
> I've stated that only because one of the presenters on a gardening program
> told a viewer to run their hand lightly over a set of plants to stop
> them becoming 'stringy' and lank, to simulate the wind.
> We have asked one of the large reputable seed merchants and after their
> results, we still have the problem of very thin and not bulbous plants.
> Many thanks for any reply,
> Richard Brooks.
> P.P. Neil Bromhall.
>                                 Bulk Mailer chaff/window

May be you have to use more light or the temperature is too high (25°C).

Carsten Richter

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