Importing Plants to Canada

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Fri Sep 5 13:45:44 EST 1997

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>I have found several interesting plants on the internet that I would love
>to have. However, I am concerned about which would be legal to import into
>Canada (I live in Ontario, Canada).
>I would appriciate any info that someone may have as to a government agency
>to contact for a list of prohibited plants (I'm sure there must be
>several). Most of the plants I am interested in are fairly exotic, and
>maybe a little questionable for import. Hence the reason I am seeking

Most seeds are ok.  For most plants you will need a Phytosanitary
Certificate issued by a government inspection authority at the vendor's
end.  This can be expensive, and the vendor may not want to bother with
international orders because of this and other hassles, e.g. plants may
need to have soil stripped off so they can be shipped bare root.

Some plants are forbidden, mostly fruit trees, because of risk of disease
transmission to economically important crops.

Phone up Agriculture Canada.  There's a package of paper they can send you.

>Thanks a bunch for any info you may be able to provide.

Hope this helps!  When it comes down to it, you can find most things already
imported.  Nurseries can afford to do it, because the same $50 phyto cert
that you may need to cover a $5 plant will cover a shipment of thousands of
dollars worth of stock.  Also, consider getting together with friends or
a garden club to make a group purchase - this will save on expenses and 
a vendor may be more willing to go through the hassles for a big order.

If there is some particular plant you want, post to rec.gardens and ask
if anyone has it available in Canada.

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