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Hello Shawn,

Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes are two classes of fungi (mushrooms
etc)(mycos, greek: fungus). The spores of the Ascomycetes are developed in
a tube (ascos, greek: tube), those of the Basidiomycetes are developed
free on a kind of spore-carrier (basis, greek/latin: base).
Commensalism is the interaction between two organisms in which one acts
beneficially on the second but the second organism has no effect on the
first (communis, latin: common; salus, latin: health (I am not sure about

Hope that helps,

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In article <3413A749.740 at>, sjean at wrote:
> I'd appreciate it very much if someone can mail me about the meaning of
> below terms, as well as the meaning of the word roots:
> Basidiomycetes
> Ascomycetes
> Commensalism

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