C & S group in Singapore

Tan Boon Kiat boonboon at mbox2.singnet.com.sg
Mon Sep 8 08:49:10 EST 1997

Hi fellow Singapore cacti and succulent lovers,

I am thinking of forming a C & S group in Singapore where we can meet
perhaps once a month to share ideas on raising cacti and succulents in the
typical hot and humid climate of Singapore. During the gathering, we can
exchange ideas on soil mixes, pests and diseases, propagation etc. In fact,
this idea originates from Richard Tan who is a beginner in raising these

This group will be very informal and the place of venue can be at any place
that is convenient for our discussion. Are anyone of you interested? U can
bring ur friends too who are interested in C &S. So far, I could only
contact the few of u who subscribe to the cacti_etc list or
who are having an email address.

If anyone of you are interested, please drop me a private email

Boon Kiat from Singapore

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