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>I'd appreciate it very much if someone can mail me about the meaning of
>below terms, as well as the meaning of the word roots:
>Thank you very much

The dictionary is your friend:

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Type ? for help.
Word: basidiomycete
ba-sid-i-o-my-cete n. A fungus of the class Basidiomycetes, which includes 
  the mushrooms, puffballs, and other fungi that bear spores on a basidium.[
  NLat. Basidiomycetes,  class name: basidium+ Gk. mukes,  fungus]-ba-sid'i-
  o-my-ce'tous adj.
Word: basidium
ba-sid-i-um n., pl. -i-a A club-shaped cell characteristic of 
  basidiomycetous fungi on which sexual spores, usually four, are borne at 
  the tip.[NLat. <Lat. basis,  base <Gk]-ba-sid'i-al adj.
Word: ascomycete
as-co-my-cete n. Bot. Any of numerous fungi that produce spores in an 
Word: ascus
as-cus n., pl. as-ci Bot. A membranous sac in certain fungi, containing 
  ascospores.[NLat. <Gk. askos,  bag]
Word: commensalism
com-men-sal-ism n. Biol.  A relationship in which two or more organisms 
  live in close association and in which one may derive some benefit but in 
  which neither harms or is parasitic on the other.
Word: commensal
com-men-sal adj. 1. Of or pertaining to those who customarily eat at the 
  same table. 2. Biol.  Of, pertaining to, or characterized by 
  commensalism.-n. 1. A customary mealtime companion. 2. Biol.  An organism 
  participating in a commensal relationship.[ME <Med. Lat. commensalis  : 
  Lat. com-,  together + Lat. mensa,  table]-com-men'sal-ly adv.

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