Wanted - Info on Growing Yucca from seed

John Lattimore lattimj at uk.ibm.com
Mon Sep 8 10:24:57 EST 1997

In article <ant080930d07Tqn&@adam.ihug.co.nz>,
 on Mon, 08 Sep 1997 09:26:30 +0000 (GMT),
 Brian Adam <Brian> writes:
>Can anyone help with yucca growing, please?
>A friend with a small market garden here is having trouble getting
>information on the web regarding gremination and growing yuccas. Anyone know
>of a suitable site or other source online?
>Brian Adam  NEW ZEALAND

Brian, I didn't know you could get yucca seeds, I have seccessfully grown
yuccas just by planting pieces of the trunk in soil, I have a rather large
plant which I hack at when it touches the ceiling, I cut the cut off piece
into lenghts and repot them, then give them away when they start developing
Regards,  John.

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