Wanted - Info on Growing Yucca from seed

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> Brian Adam <Brian> writes:
>>Can anyone help with yucca growing, please?
>>A friend with a small market garden here is having trouble getting
>>information on the web regarding gremination and growing yuccas.
Anyone know
>>of a suitable site or other source online?
>>Brian Adam  NEW ZEALAND
>Brian, I didn't know you could get yucca seeds, I have seccessfully
>yuccas just by planting pieces of the trunk in soil, I have a rather
>plant which I hack at when it touches the ceiling, I cut the cut off
>into lenghts and repot them, then give them away when they start
>Regards,  John.

We have native red yuccas, here in Austin, z8b.  They grow readily from
seed, but I planted my seeds in some poor draining top soil and they
did not do so well then.  I am going to retry with some good draining
potting soil and see what happens.  The germination rate was real high

John R.

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