Help me to know et plant name !!!

Annette & Scott Ranger ranger at
Tue Sep 16 08:00:56 EST 1997

Arash Golkar wrote:

> I have a plant that I can't find his name on Internet
> The vendor said me that name is Mimosa Sensitive ?!
> It's a green plant with some little leaf that when you touch it, thier
> leaf
> close instantenous. It 's not a carnivor plant.
> Anybody can tell me what is it's name or botanica name ??
> Thanks you

The genus Schrankia in the Mimosoideae is often called "sensitive brier"
and had leaves that behave as you have described. The genus is primarily
Mexican and in the southeastern United States and contains some 10
species. Some authors have subsumed Shrankia into Mimosa.

Here in Georgia (USA) Shrankia microphylla is a common near weed.

Scott Ranger

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