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Thu Sep 18 02:41:23 EST 1997


guatemalensis sounds like a species name. For example, there is an Abies
guatemalensis (a kind of fir tree), but your leaf description makes it
doubtful that this is what we are talking about here. Anything with the
species name "guatemalensis" has a high chance of coming from Guatemala
(stating the obvious here <g>). As such, unless it comes from higher
altitudes in that tropical, Central American country, you better not
take chances and bring it in for the winter. Incidentally, Abies
guatemalensis is supposed to have some slight frost tolerance, but not
sure to what extent.

Unfortunately, if you want more specifics, you should scan a
leaf/branchlet into a jpg. file and email it to me, or take the plant to
a local arboretum (or take a sample of leaves/branches). I can't promise
anything, but I can give it a try.

Good luck,

David Deutsch

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